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Welcome To The Learning Center

Don't know a flat brush from a filbert? You're in the right place to remedy that. At, we not only sell art supplies for less, but we'll also teach you a thing or two about the items you might need.

As the leading art supply warehouse on the Internet, offers its customer access to an incredible inventory of high quality products. We offer artist supplies just right for painters, crafters, teachers, students and anyone else interested in letting their creative side loose.. Considering the breadth of our inventory, we don't expect all of our customers to understand what every item in our inventory is used for or how it might work. That's why we created the Learning Center.

From this page, you will find valuable information about the artists supplies we have available. We make it very easy for you to learn about a wide variety of topics from different types of paints to what kind of surface to paint on. Just browse our information base by category to find the topics related to the art supplies that may be of interest to you.

Some of the topics we cover in the Learning Center include:

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Scrapbook supplies - Scrapbooking is a hobby growing in popularity at a breakneck pace. Although highly rewarding and a whole lot of fun, this hobby does require some serious art supplies to ensure memories saved are actually preserved. Our informational articles will teach you about the necessary supplies for this creative venture.

Scrapbook supplies
Scrapbook supplies are used to add more personality to an album dedicated to preserving memories.

Scrapbooking paper
Scrapbooking paper is almost always of the acid-free variety.

Scrapbook supplies online
Scrapbook supplies online are a great way to find deals on kits and individual items.

Scrapbooking paper
Scrapbooking paper is almost always of the acid-free variety.

Discount scrapbook supplies
Discount scrapbook supplies should not be overlooked when a person is shopping for useful craft materials.

Sewing Supplies - Want to find out more about this artistic pursuit and what items might be needed to pull off a project? You're in the right place. We explain all about sewing kits, machines and more.

Sewing kit
A sewing kit comes in handy on any occasion.

Sewing machines
Sewing machines have become very technologically advanced.

Sewing notions
Sewing notions are indispensable to any sewing project.

Sewing supplies
Sewing supplies are needed for any sewing project.

Quilting frames
Quilting frames are a necessary element to this age-old handicraft.

Cross Stitch Kits
Cross stitch kits are a great way to start cross stitching.

Cross Stitch Supplies
Cross stitch supplies can be found in stores or online.

Needlepoint supplies - This timeless handicraft requires its own distinct set of artist supplies. Our article base can bring you up to speed.

Needlepoint kits
Needlepoint kits are available for many levels of experience.

Needlepoint supplies
Needlepoint supplies include the products which are transformed into the final piece as well as the tools used to shape them.

Needlework kits
Needlework kits come in many styles and offer a variety of benefits.

Plastic canvas
Plastic canvas is generally used for different forms of canvas work embroidery.

Needle arts
Needle arts include many creative hobbies such as crochet, embroidery, and knitting.

Art supplies - We also cover a lot of topics related to standard artist supplies, like paints, ink, canvases, brushes and more.

Art supplies Connecticut
If a person is looking for art supplies, Connecticut is just as good a place to find them as any.

Art supplies for kids
When buying art supplies for kids, safety is always important.

Art supplies ink
Of all the art supplies, ink is one of the less commonly thought of.

Art supplies oil paints
When looking for art supplies, oil paints should be near the top of the list.

Art supplies online
When looking for art supplies online, consider the following:

Art supplies sketchbook
If a person does not have money for art supplies, sketchbook paper can be created from scratch paper.

Art supplies South Carolina
If a person is looking for art supplies, South Carolina is a great place to find them.

Art supplies
Art supplies come in a variety of styles and colors, and what an artist may need in supplies depends on style, function, and personal preference.

Art supplies store
An art supplies store should have a great selection of art supplies to choose from.

School art supplies
School art supplies are sold at a lower price and quality than professional supplies. Both of these traits can be advantageous.

Canvas Art
Canvas art is wonderful to display in a home or office.

Wholesale art supplies
Wholesale art supplies may be made available at lower retail prices for the benefit of customers.

Kids art supplies
Kids' art supplies should focus on fun, creativity and safety.

Sand art supplies
Sand art supplies include colored sands, bottles and kits.

Art supplies canvas
For a person who has good art supplies, canvas painting is a good idea.

Graphic art supplies
Graphic art supplies can be oriented toward both traditional and digital art practices.

Art glass supplies
Art glass supplies, Cleaning stained art glass supplies is a simple, but careful process.

Artist canvas
Any person can build an artist canvas.

Arts and crafts supplies
A child’s arts and crafts supplies must be properly organized.

Bulk Art Supplies
Bulk art supplies are a great way to reduce art supply costs.

Canvas Art Supplies
Canvas art supplies are the tools used to create the art on canvas.

Cheap Art Supplies
Cheap art supplies are sought after by experienced and budding artists alike.

Mosaic art supplies
Mosaic art supplies have gone through a lot of technical development over many centuries.

Discount Art Supplies
Discount art supplies will help keep the costs down for starving artists.

Arts and Crafts
Arts and crafts are wonderful ways to express one's artistic side.

Paper mache
Paper mache mix can easily be created from many different ingredients found around the home.

Pastels are a colored drawing utensil created in varying consistencies.

Contact Paper
Contact paper comes in a variety of designs and styles.

Art Sets

Kids Art Supplies

Craft supplies - Artists supplies in this category of creativity can be highly specialized. Everything hinges on the type of craft project being pursued. Whether you're interested in woodworking, kids art supplies for craft projects, paper mache or more, we've got the basic information you need to bring yourself up to speed.

Discount craft supplies
Discount craft supplies can offer many advantages and disadvantages, depending on their respective reasons for having reduced prices.

Craft supplies
Craft supplies are available in a variety of categories and limited only by one's creativity.

Wedding craft supplies
Wedding craft supplies can significantly cut down anyone’s wedding budget.

Kids craft supplies
Kids' craft supplies should be safe, creative and easy to clean.

Wholesale craft supplies
Wholesale craft supplies are an even less expensive way to procure items for a DIY craft project.

Wood craft supplies
Wood craft supplies provide hours of entertainment and bonding.

Wooden craft supplies
Wooden craft supplies come in many shapes and sizes.

Fall craft supplies
Fall craft supplies can be used for projects emphasizing the seasonal change as well as autumn holidays.

Kids' crafts
Kids' crafts provide children with many educational benefits in addition to creative fun.

Leather craft supplies
Leather craft supplies are used in the shaping as well as coloring of leather.

Mosaic craft supplies
Mosaic craft supplies are applied to surfaces through many different strategies.

Paper craft supplies
Paper craft supplies may be simply folded for creative projects as well as rolled, cut, or glued together.

Christmas Craft Supplies
Christmas craft supplies are a unique niche in the crafting world.

Craft Store
Craft stores will help supply all the odds and ends of crafting.

Craft supplies online
Craft supplies online will help one comparison shop and get the best price available.

Craft Supplies Storage
Craft supplies storage can help keep craft supplies organized.

Teacher supplies - Not only do we offer artist supplies just for teachers, we also offer information about the items that can really help out in the classroom.

Teacher's Supplies


Paint supplies - Find out more about the different types of art supplies for painters in this section. Here you can explore the differences between acrylics and oils, learn about watercolors and more.

Spray paint
Spray paint comes in all colors and textures.

Acrylic paints
Acrylic paints must be stored differently than oil paints.

Art paint
An art paint brush will vary depending on different factors.

Finger paint
Finger paint is appropriate for any age so long as the proper precautions are taken.

Paint by numbers
Paint by numbers kits offer a methodical way to creating a finished painting.

Watercolor art supplies
Water color art supplies are less complicated than oil painting supplies.

Acrylic craft supplies
Acrylic craft supplies include acrylic brushes.

Craft Paint Supplies
Craft paint supplies will add an element of design to crafts.

Acrylic Artist Paint
Acrylic Paints Content Expansion

At we have been the go-to source for artists on the Internet since 1998. If you need art supplies or just want to learn more about the products available for projects, you're in the right place.

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